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-- Fan Art, Cameos, etc... --
Fan Art

Artistic Interpretations of everyone's favorite victim of circumstance...

Roger Sims of "Just Another Vice."

Curtis Berry of "Life at Bayside."

Corey Kitley of "Sit & Spin."

Rudi Gunther of "Deathworld."

Josh Mirman of "Stubble."

Rudi Gunther of "Deathworld."

"La Mouette (the Seagull from Mars)."

Guest Strips

Folks who made strips for me even after "Guest Artist Week" had drawn to a close...

Curis Berry, of "Life at Bayside"
Guest Strip
Greg "That Guy" Steiner
Guest Strip
Jeff Swingle
Guest Strip

Cameo Appearances

Those rare occasions when Joe graces the pages of other strips

Corey Kitley's Sit and Spin
Cameo Appearance
Josh Phillips' Avalon
Cameo Appearance
Corey Kitley's Common Grounds
Cameo Appearance
Jenny Rowland's Snail Dust
Cameo Appearance
Ian J.'s RPG World
Cameo Appearance

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