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-- Who's Who... --

What with the recent changes to the format of Joe Average, it was high time to update this section and throw some names & descriptions on some of the new recurring characters which you might not know all that well yet. Give it time, though... Eventually, it'll all make sense.

Joe Harris

AGE: 23
OCCUPATION: Student, Chronic Malcontent
MAJOR: Communications

At one point, Joe seemed like the unluckiest guy in existance, but his luck has recently been experiencing a turn for the better. He is, for the most part, very good-natured and willing to help out, but such typically leads to trouble, regardless of his intentions. Add the fact that he has a hard time dealing with misfortune and a tendency to over-react at the slightest provocation, and Joe usually has his hands full.

Joe is also a budding screenwriter, and one of his scripts, "Education Be Damned," is in development for shooting, courtesy of Mark Adler, who works in the college's Communications department. (Though it was butchered beyond repair and only a few scenes of Joe's original script remain.)

Joe recently hooked up with Gwen and has since been confounding his friends with his improved mood.

Gwen O'Malley

AGE: 21
MAJOR: Theater

Gwen came into Joe's life following a night of drunken escapades, which led to the two of them waking up in bed together without the slightest bit of knowledge of what transpired the night before. The two have since got together.

Gwen is very complex, with a personality that can quickly shift from introspective to exuberant in less than a heartbeat. She is very impulsive and flirtatious, which seems to drive Joe wild.

Jack Brighton

AGE: 22
OCCUPATION: Student, Professional Slacker
MAJOR: Computer Science

Jack Brighton is simultaneously both a good friend and the most infuriating person on the face of the earth. He's very intelligent and witty, but this is offset by the fact that he is apathetic beyond description and has little to no attention span. Usually, when he does pipe in, it is something either wholly inappropriate or snide, although sometimes, he has been known to offer tremendously logical insight, from time to time.

Marta Ericson

AGE: 23
OCCUPATION: Student, Master of Ceremonies
MAJOR: Marketing

The most social member of the group. Marta usually is not without a date or some sort of activity planned, but always seems to be around to spearhead outings for the group. For a while when they first met, Joe carried an considerable torch around for Marta, who never seemed to notice, and later, Marta started being very attracted to Joe. Unfortunately, Joe was already seriously involved with Gwen by this time, which was rather upsetting to Marta.

Kim Norris

AGE: 24
OCCUPATION: Student, Lab Assistant
MAJOR: Chemistry

Kim has been friends with Joe since a stint in junior college, and is probably one of his oldest friends. Kim is the voice of logic and reason in their circle of friends. She typically is "in the know" about more things than the rest of them. Kim also has the smallest amount of patience out of the enire group.

Bailey Hunter

AGE: 21
OCCUPATION: Student, Artist

Bailey is Kim's girlfriend, and Marta's former roommate. She met Kim and Joe when they first started spending time with Marta, and she and Kim got closer and closer as time passed. Bailey is an art major, whose commitment to her work is almost as obsessive as Tess is with her schoolwork. Her and Kim's apartment is full of various paintings (Bailey is especially fond of Pop Art), which she loves, but never thinks of selling, because she's convinced that they wouldn't sell.

Bailey is also an excessive flirt, much to Kim's chagrin.

Tess Williamson

AGE: 22
OCCUPATION: Student, Resident Assistant
MAJOR: Elementary Education

Tess and Jack have been together since High School, and are viewed, by many, to be the quintessential "Odd Couple." While Jack is lazy and apathetic, Tess is goal-oriented, organized, and highly-motivated. She keeps Jack in line on on track, so he doesn't end up sleeping through every class, missing homework assignments, or anything else which might lead to throwing off her finely-laid plans for them after graduation.

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